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2018 Egypt Adventure Flying UFO Ride

Product Description

Jinbo Egypt Adventure rides or Magic bowl ride, and is a new disco coaster amusement ride, mostly appreciated by the younger all over the world. Flying UFO ride consists of a giant UFO turntable and sliding Track. The UFO rotates from slow to very fast speed on clockwise or anticlockwise, sliding from the bottom to the higher point on the single track when it works. The sudden rising and falling, ups and downs with countless changes, fast and slow, accompanied by strong, powerful interactions brings the passengers the most magically thrilling feelings. The flying UFO ride is the most thrill rides and stimulate projects in amusement park, theme parks, playground or even carnivals. If you want to feel the sense that you can't control your body and mind, just try once and you will deeply fall in love with this magic ride. It is suit for the big amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals.

Technical Specification


NameEgypt Adventure bimodal
Equipment height11.5m
Track length of equipment66m
The maxmum swing angleabout 60°
Turntable diameter6.3m
UsageTheme park/outdoor playground
Warranty12 months


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