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Product Department

Production Department
Responsible for material sort, machining, production and installation of orders of both domestic and foreign.
Technology Department
Responsible for the research and development of new products; making equipment drawings and products renderings.
QC department
Responsible for the acceptance of raw materials, the production inspection during production process, commissioning and acceptance of finished product.
Technology Department QC department
Sales Department
1. Marketing Department

Responsible for the construction, maintenance, promotion and optimization of the company website, and provide customer resources.

2. Domestic Sale Department

Responsible for products sales of the domestic market.

3. International Sale Department

Responsible for products sales of the foreign market.

Marketing Department Domestic Sale Department
Logistics Department
1. Financial Department

Under the direct leadership of the general manager of the company and responsible for the financial work. Responsible for the company's daily financial accounting. Regularly report financial statements to the general manager.

2. After Sales Department

Responsible for the customer's return visit, deal with the after-sales problems from customer feedback.

3. Purchasing Department

Responsible for the purchasing of production and living items.

After Sales Department Purchasing Department

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