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24 Seats Pirate Ship

Product Description

 Pirate Ship also called pirate boat, viking boat, corsair etc. It belongs to ferris wheel category. Pirate ship make movement along with one horizontal axis. After passengers sit well, the operator presses the button, driven by the friction wheel, the rides can swing up and down gradually, it is a healthy and entertainment projects, popular by majority of customers.
    For the main structure, through the hanger frame, brackets hanging in mid-air on the horizontal axis, driven by hte rubber friction wheel, the boat can generate swing, because the rubber wheel are flexible, so it is play an important role on the extension the life of hte equipment and bearing. 
    It decorated with thousands of LED lights, with beautiful music, passengers sit in the cabins fly down and up, the whole scene is very lively & spectacular.


1.Use the pneumatic pressure and hydraulic power system

2..Forward and backward swing

3.Suitable for different age passengers

4.Quality and safety assurance by Jinbo

5.8 to 40 people can be chosen

6.Experienced workers and professional designers

Technical Specification


Cover Area16mx10m
Speed1-5minutes adjustable
Material FRP&Steel
MusicUSB port on control cabinet
CabinetWith control switch,transducer,indicator light,music button,etc
Transmission methodDown transmission
Delivery time15-30 working days after payments
Pakcingair bubble inside, wooden frame outside or packed as buyers' need
Color&SizeAccept Customization
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